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Studies in Crypto-Teleological Solipsism


A Symbolic Key to the I Ching based upon the Insights of

Analytical Psychology and the Western Mystery Tradition



“Michael Servetus”


The I Ching is not magic; it is science that we don’t understand.

-- Terence McKenna



The I Ching or Book of Changes is one of the world's most ancient manuscripts. While some obscure Sumerian or Egyptian texts may pre-date it slightly, the I Ching is unique in that it is more available today than at any other time in its history: it has to be the oldest continuously published book on the planet. The editor of this study has no idea of how many translations, how many editions, how many commentaries must exist for this single volume -- many thousands, certainly, considering its long life. Continuing commentary on The Book of Changes by its millions of students is an ancient and open-ended labor of love.

Although the original Chinese text has been in the public domain for more than three-thousand years, the present manuscript (the fruit of over thirty years of intense study) is currently un-publishable because most of the English translations and paraphrases (included herein solely for purposes of scholarly comparison) remain under copyright.

The editor offers this, his personal study-guide, freely to those who wish to use and annotate it for their private, not-for-profit edification. This document is not for publication or sale: it is a personal workbook for students of the oracle to use and share with their peers.

Further annotations and commentary are encouraged.